Natural source of energy

Paleobull bars are a natural source of energy, a healthy alternative to highly processed snacks. Because of its high nutritional value and good absorption it is an excellent supplement for before or after practicing any physical activity, such as CrossFit, yoga, pilates, trekking or long distance running.

It is the perfect snack to snack between hours and satiate without endangering your health. They provide the necessary nutrients and sufficient energy to arrive without anxiety to the next main meal.

They are also the ideal companions of travel, due to the difficulty of finding in many occasions a healthy option between the great supply of ultraprocessed food existing in gas stations, stations and airports.

The weight of the bars is 50 grams of which 12 are of protein (except that of Cacao & Reishi which are 10) hence their great satiating power.

The most select ingredients

In its elaboration we use only real foods (mainly dates, egg whites, nuts and dehydrated fruit), selected one by one for their quality. No added sugars, no cereals or gluten, no lactose and no preservatives or artificial colors.

We use unroasted raw nuts to ensure that none of its nutrients has been destroyed by the high oven temperature. And we select dehydrated fruit without vegetable oils or added fructose, common practice of the food industry in this type of food.

The process of craftsmanship

The entire process is cold, uncooked, and is divided into three main stages, the initial mixing of the ingredients and preparation of the dough, the extrusion of the dough and the final packaging of the sticks.

The process is subject to stringent strict internal quality controls to ensure that each bar complies with the required standards.